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Blunt Talks 2018 Speakers

Speakers (2018)

Len May

President  @

 EndoCanna Health

Chatsworth - 2018 

President of EndoCanna Health an innovative company specializing in Personalized Medicinal Cannabis using DNA sequencing. Len May, MCS is a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry, with over 25 years of experience including President of the Cannabis Action Network. As a Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist at Medicinal Genomics, May has an in-depth knowledge of genomics, cannabinoids and terpenes and their interaction with the endocannabinoid system allowing him to consult on formulations targeted to treat specific conditions through EndoCanna Health. His experience also encompasses a strong understanding of branding and compliance, fundraising and operations, as well as TV/Film consulting. May has proven success in a variety of cannabis-related ventures including some of the industries iconic brands. May has a Masters of Medical Cannabis and Endocannabinoid Formulation Specialist Certification from the Institute for the Advancement of Integrative Medicine and is an accomplished public speaker.

WHY DOES HE DO IT: “I believe in safe, effective, personalized cannabis derived medicine and it being available to anyone who needs it. My purpose is to facilitate the production from seed all the way though the cultivation process to insure the delivery of quality products through DNA technology and then to formulate personalized cannabis medicine integrating with endocannabinoid receptors for treatment of human conditions.”


0 (1).jpeg

Issa Madanat

Founder  @

 Pura Vida Health

Chatsworth - 2018 

Issa Madnat was born and raised in San Francisco, California and currently resides in beautiful Los Angeles with his two dogs.

As a foodie and businessman of almost 8 years, Issa has a passion for wholesome living and cannabis. Having spent numerous years working in hospitality and manufacturing, Issa has developed a knack for developing incredible products from the highest quality ingredients.

When a close friend was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, he knew the universe was giving him a sign. Coming from the natural food industry, Issa saw that there was a void in the system. His only answer was to infuse medicinal-grade, pesticide-free cannabis into delicious, nutrient-dense superfoods to create the highest quality edible products for mind and body. Pura Vida Health was born.

Today, Pura Vida Health is the premiere provider of organic cannabis products, and can be found in over 150 dispensaries across California. Check us out at


Aaron Riley

President  @


Chatsworth - 2018 

Aaron Riley is the President of CannaSafe, the first ISO accredited cannabis lab in the world. He holds an Bachelor & M.B.A. from Jacksonville University, where he earned his way through college on a football scholarship. A seasoned entrepreneur who runs a luxury car dealership in FL. He brought his business acumen to the cannabis industry, taking over as President of CannaSafe in late 2016. Under Aaron’s leadership CannaSafe recently won Testing Facility of the year award for CA by dope magazine. 



Brooke Butler

VP Business Development  @


Hollywood - 2018 

Brooke Butler is an energetic professional who has spent the last decade building her business development career in 8 countries across 4 continents. As a Country Director for global research and publishing firm Oxford Business Group, Brooke gained vital experience introducing a brand and products to new markets and fostering commercial partnerships with the public and private sectors. Working with the regional managing editors, she also helped identify new business opportunities in frontier economies and secured meetings with high-profile personalities who influence investment issues including the Prime Minister of Malaysia Najib Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil Wickremesinghe, former President of the Philippines President Benigno Aquino III, former President of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, former President of Nigeria Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organisation Taleb Rifai, former President and CEO of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation Elizabeth Littlefield, Vice-Chairman of General Electric John Rice, and former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management Jim O’Neill. Brooke was finally convinced it was the right time to make the move back to America after she saw how quickly the Cannabis industry was growing and knew the expertise she had gained from working in some of the world’s most dynamic and regulated frontier economies could be used to help grow this new emerging industry.


Roxanne Dennant

President  @

Fruit Slabs & CEO @ Rock sea 

Hollywood - 2018 

Roxanne Dennant, 30, is a master at her craft in building brands in the cannabis industry. She is the co-founder and President of Fruit Slabs and the founder/CEO of Rock Sea Agency, a curated collective of creatives specializing in branding, marketing & PR.

Her passion for cannabis, it’s medicinal benefits and the stories surrounding it have been Roxanne’s major driving force over the past ten-plus years.

Roxanne is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University where her academic focus was the reformation of Cannabis Laws and she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Post college, Roxanne moved to New York City where she went on to explore various industries that spanned from art consulting, customized art creation, and brand ambassador for Leblon Cachaça. Roxanne learned experiences, skills and knowledge from outside industries she would learn to harness and ultimately bring with her into the cannabis space.

Roxanne attributes her passion for branding and team building from her time spent with the global giant, Red Bull. Since her time at RedBull, Roxanne has spearheaded sales for multiple international fabric and denim manufacturers in Los Angeles and been a part of the creative team in building multiple cannabis brands.

Put bluntly, Roxanne has experience well beyond her years and is a proven mover, shaker and doer.



Boris Shcharansky


Papa & Barkley

Hollywood - 2018 

Since 2012, Boris has been working toward his mission of unlocking the potential of cannabis to improve people's lives. As Chief Operating Officer of Papa & Barkley, Boris is responsible for business development, managing sales, supplier relations and day-to-day operations. Previously, his accomplishments include the founding of the Iowa Hemp Association and Heartland Hemp Company in Iowa, where he worked with the families of children with epilepsy in order to source domestically grown CBD products. In addition to working with Iowa patients with the Heartland Hemp Company, Boris actively brokered and managed the sale of Colorado-grown CBD products to major national cannabis brands. He also served as Executive Director of Iowa NORML and introduced legislation to legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp and the expansion of Iowa's medical cannabis law.  

Boris received his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, with dual concentrations in finance and real estate. In addition to his cannabis experience, Boris previously was Vice President at Continuous Control Solutions, a controls automation company serving the highly-regulated energy markets worldwide.



Jason Beck

Co-Owner @


Hollywood - 2018 

Jason Beck is one of the first and most successful medical marijuana dispensary operators and marijuana cultivators in the United States. Born with cerebral palsy, Mr. Beck is in the unique position of being a patient, caregiver, business owner, cultivation specialist, advocate and advisor in the fields of medicinal use and adult/personal use of marijuana. Owning Cannabis Dispensary’s since 2001 in San Francisco and his location in West Hollywood being the oldest dispensary south San Francisco in the State. He brings a level of expertise that only such experience can provide.

As the first dispensary operator in West Hollywood to be granted a permit to grow marijuana, Mr. Beck has been cultivating and producing award-winning marijuana and edible marijuana products since 2004, while supporting and promoting the businesses of numerous other growers and producers. A dynamic self-starter and team player, he recently became a finance chairman for Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. As well as a point person for Congressman Rohrabacher on Cannabis policy and legislation. In addition he was the very first person to sell legal Cannabis on January 1st in the Coachella Valley and the very first legal Cannabis sale in LA County on January 2nd.


Christopher Dell'Olio



Hollywood - 2018 

Christopher Dell’Olio is the CEO & Co-Founder of WebJoint, a cannabis retail software based in Los Angeles, CA. Christopher co-founded WebJoint in 2014 and has developed a innovative and growing company in the cannabis industry. His knowledge in the cannabis industry has given him the ability to grow and maintain a passionate team, who’s primary goal is to help cannabis business all over the world. He is also a serial marketer and SEO expert who has a strong focus on growing a organic audiences and marketing funnels.



Danielle Schumacher


THC Staffing

San Francisco - 2018 

Danielle Schumacher is President & CEO of THC Staffing Group, the first cannabis recruiting firm and still the only focused on creating a more inclusive and professional industry. She earned a degree in Anthropology in 2004 at the University of Illinois where she founded chapters of NORML and Students for Sensible Drug Policy in 2001. While still in college, she was appointed Executive Director of Illinois NORML and held the Youth Seat on the National NORML Board of Directors. She was named Freedom Fighter by High Times Magazine at age 22. Danielle was recruited by the Berkeley Patients Group in 2005 to head the Cannabis Action Network. As the first Chancellor of Oaksterdam University, she worked with Richard Lee to establish America’s first cannabis college. She has served as office manager for internationally-respected authority on cannabis Chris Conrad and activist author Mikki Norris, and she is currently office manager for nationally noted physician Frank Lucido MD and nurse practitioner Maria Mangini PhD FNP.


Jackie McGowan

San Francisco - 2018 

Jackie McGowan is a pioneer in the newly regulated and compliant industry. Two years ago she had the foresight to create what is undoubtedly the go to social media spot for tracking each and every one of this vast state's 539 municipalities. She helped centralize this information in her Facebook group, "California- City & County Regulation Watch," that tracks, in real time, any and all breaking regulatory news coming out of every crevice of California.

Jackie is a consistent speaker at leading industry conferences in California. She currently consults for several leading operators all across the supply chain and she looks forward to ensuring those businesses not only survive 2018, but excel and thrive. 

Prior to entering the cannabis industry she spent 18 years working on Wall Street as an Institutional Equity Derivatives Broker. Her time in that field led her to become self proclaimed "research junkie" and she continues to apply that skill to the cannabis news sector every day. 



Ryan Miller

Founder @ Operation EVAC (Educating Veterans About Cannabis)

San Francisco - 2018 

Ryan Miller served the Marine Corps from 1998-2002 as a network systems engineer primarily in Okinawa, Japan. Constantly deployed, Ryan served in Brunei, Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Australia, and Korea twice. Two meritorious promotions, Battalion Marine of the Quarter, the Navy Achievement Medal, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Cisco Certified Network Associate, and Naval Shellback are among his accomplishments earned on active-duty.

Following an honorable discharge, Ryan earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Information Technology from Golden Gate University while serving FedEx Office as Senior Technology Specialist and Center Manager before joining the cannabis community with Berkeley Patients Group (BPG). At BPG Ryan led sales for six months consecutively, served as lead editor for the Sales Department’s technical and training manuals, and as liason for their delivery service start-up. Ryan joined Harborside Health Center after BPG was forced to cease operations. At Harborside, while leading the clones department, Ryan was featured on CNN for Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock. Additionally, Ryan created a relationship with District Footwear to pitch and manage a collaborative graphic design and garment project for release on 4/20. Ryan’s proudest accomplishment at Harborside was the design and implementation of their military veteran support group, Harborside Heroes, where he launched and facilitated 30 peer-led social support groups over two and a half years.

Upon leaving Harborside, Ryan formed Operation EVAC (Educating Veterans About Cannabis) with Terryn Buxton and Aaron Tran of Oakland Extracts. Our mission is to promote the growth and healing of veterans through mutual assistance, personal development, and community service. Our current clients include Releaf and the Apothecarium in San Francisco, 7 Stars in Richmond, Berkeley Patients Group, Magnolia Oakland, and River City Phoenix in Sacramento. In December, 2016, Ryan deployed with veterans across the country to support the Indigenous water protectors at Standing Rock, North Dakota.



Tyler Tarr

Publisher @

Sensi Magazine

Boulder - 2018 

-Perennial champion in a 250 million dollar direct sales company from ages 17-26.

-Career sales totaled over 3.5 million with over 2,000 recruits.

-Spent a year working on Florida's campaign for medical marijuana.

-That year he mobilized volunteers to collect hundreds of new voter registrations, thousands of absentee ballots, and tens of thousands of petitions for medical marijuana.

-In 2015, He moved to Denver with his amazing wife (Erin) and became one of the 5 co-founders of Sensi Media group.

-In May of 2016, Tyler became the publisher and owner of the first Sensi Magazine - (Denver/Boulder) edition. 

-In about 2 years, they've obtained over 150 new clients and have surpassed 2 million dollars in contracted advertising sales in the Denver/Boulder market alone.

-Today, Sensi has 5 separate monthly magazines in print across Colorado and Southern Cali, and dozens of new publishers working in cities all across the nation on their own path to a magazine in their area. With a goal of 300 monthly city magazines across the nation.

-Tyler lives to give, adores his people, and is an opponent of apathy :)



Kelly Perez



Boulder - 2018 

Kelly Perez is the CEO/founder of kindColorado, LLC (kindCO). We build relationships between cannabis businesses, communities, projects and nonprofits. We believe thoughtful, conscious community-cannabis partnerships improve community health and help shift the cannabis narrative towards positive impact. 


Kelly is passionate about social justice and has expertise in strategic planning, racial justice, community health, and policy. In 2014, Kelly was the Human Services Policy Adviser to Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and lead statewide initiatives including the Colorado Plan to Reduce Prescription Drug misuse/abuse. She organized and led a collaborative effort state to create the nation’s first state Marijuana Policy (and office) using a public health framework as a guide. She has over 20 years of professional experience working in health and human services policy, and working for equity-focused community organizations serving children and families. Kelly has a Master's Degree in Social Work with a focus on Health Policy and International Studies from the University of Denver. She and her Love have 5 children between them.


Courtney Mathis

President @


Boulder - 2018 

Quadruple Bottom Line: People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity 

I am the co-founder and President of four ancillary cannabis businesses, kindColorado, RootedSpace, and Conscious Cannabis Co. and Cannabis Doing Good (coming soon). While all four agencies serve the industry under different missions, their goal is the same - to
connect and engage the cannabis industry with their communities and elevate this emerging sector’s story. As examples, kindColorado does this through our social responsibility framework; RootedSpace, a
marketing and branding agency, crafts innovative storytelling, and Conscious Cannabis Co. sells ethically crafted apparel that is matched with a community cause. The last five years I have specialized in developing both social
responsibility projects and finding unique ways for cannabis to do good. I enjoy creating unique, charity-driven events, socially guided business goals, and innovative applications of the Cannabis Social
ResponsibilityTM (CSR) framework. My work has spanned from boutique dispensaries to national cannabis industry groups. I am long-time nonprofit and cannabis sector activist and social change leader. I whole heartedly believe that through conscious community outreach and the cannabis doing good ethos, that this sector will be a welcomed community asset. Work Hard, Play Harder: I love reading, watching, writing Science Fiction and collecting new comic books. Most of all - planning my next trip to the beach or mountains with my husband and beautiful daughter, Wesley.

“Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning." - John O’Donohue



Brendan Patrick Gillis



Boulder - 2018 

Brendan Patrick Gillis has done it all. He is a skillled musician, songwriter, photographer, designer, and entrepreneur. Brendan has a degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail university and worked in various parts of entertainment for 10 years. Being a gear junkie and sound engineer, he found a new hobby when he discovered the e-cigarette market in 2013. Brendan quickly became obsessed with the new technology and fell in love with vaporizer design. He decided to put together a team to develop what became the first generation product. He released that vaporizer to the public in April 2015 with no funding. Almost 3 years later Brendan has raised over $1.1M and his products are in 100s of stores across the US and Canada. The company, Vapor Slide, has been featured in some of Americas top Cannabis publications, Including High Times, Herb, Marijuana Venture, Culture and Now This Weed.


Brittany Centifanto

GM @

Roots Rx Facilities. 

Boulder - 2018 

Brittany Centifanto is the General Manager of Roots Rx facilities. Roots Rx is a community conscious, product aware, mountain lifestyle brand. She has strong passion around having a brand that sees value in a holistic, wellness driven approach to the recreational use of cannabis. She currently manages 6 recreational cannabis stores and 2 recreational cultivations under the Roots Rx brand. She is also on the Board of Director for GreenScreens a cannabis specific digital media solution. She broke into the cannabis space in the medical market as a cultivator in 2013. In 2014 she placed in the top 10 in the High Times Cannabis Cup.. She left the Cannabis cultivation world full time to seek out cannabis sales and business development in late 2014, where she help develop the Roots Rx footprint and brand. In 2015 she was featured in High Times Magazine as Miss May.

Developed and hosted Cannabis Today, a 9 segment series on Cannabis products hosted on Grassroots Tv in the Roaring Fork Valley.



Kaiya Bercow



San Francisco - 2018 

Kaiya Bercow is CEO at Utopia, a premium California cannabis company. As a co-founder, Kaiya has had the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the companies growth as it has transitioned from a three-person team to being in over 250 dispensaries throughout CA. After graduating summa cum laude with High Thesis Honors from Tufts University, Kaiya moved to Santa Cruz and fell in-love with the entrepreneurial spirit of the emerging legal cannabis market. Through a commitment to transparency, quality and higher business ethics, Utopia is a leading brand in the newly regulated cannabis space.



Sara Payan

Vice-Chair @

San Francisco State Legalization Task Force

San Francisco - 2018 

Sara Payan is the vice-chair of the San Francisco Cannabis State Legalization Task Force, nationally published writer, consultant, award-winning cannabis educator specializing in cancer related therapies and the Director of Education at the Apothecarium. She is a stage-three colon cancer survivor who was first introduced to medical cannabis during her treatment. The patient experience through critical illness is what moved Sara to become an
educator, advocate and activist for medical cannabis patients and drives her to lead the movement in normalizing cannabis use for health. Her civil rights background fueled her passion for creating safe access to cannabis through education and inspired her to create a compassionate consulting training program for those in the
medical cannabis industry and beyond.

Sara has had the honor of speaking and lecturing at such conferences as Patients Out of Time, Women Grow and The Women's Visionary Congress. With over 10,000 hours of hands-on experiential medical cannabis patient research, she has consulted with many large healthcare organizations such as Kaiser and UCSF, to help them
better understand the role cannabis can play in their patients’ lives. Sara had lead large-scale industry training and lectures nationwide, including continuing education credit classes at accredited schools for healthcare practitioners through her private practice.

HealthMJ lists her as one of 10 people who are leading the movement to inform patients about medical cannabis. Her work has been highlighted in Dope Magazine,Cannabis Now, High Times and Ladybud. Sara is a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies. Follow her on Instagram:



Kelly Quirke

Community Engagement Coordinator @


San Francisco - 2018 

Kelly Quirke is the Community Engagement Coordinator at Harborside in Oakland, the Gold Standard of medical cannabis dispensaries. Prior to joining Harborside, Kelly spent several decades in the non-profit environmental and human rights arena. He served as a Campaign Director for eight years at Greenpeace, focusing primarily on energy and climate issues. Following his Greenpeace tenure he served for six years as the first Program Director, and then the Executive Director, at Rainforest Action Network, called by the Wall Street Journal "the most savvy environmental agitators in the business."

With a desire to apply his skills more locally, Kelly became the Executive Director of San Francisco's Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), SF's highly regarded community-based street tree planting organization. While at FUF,
Kelly worked closely with Mayor Gavin Newsom's efforts to make SF one of the greenest cities in the country. This work included close coordination with city park advocacy groups, and Kelly also served as the Chair of the Board of Directors of SF’s Neighborhood Parks Alliance.

Kelly's work at Harborside began in 2012 as a departmental manager, where he rapidly recognized that community engagement and philanthropy were necessary for Harborside and the community to thrive, and to successfully
oppose the negative stigma of cannabis after nearly a century of prohibition and the failed War on Drugs. Kelly then created the staff position of Community Engagement Coordinator, and has worked to develop positive
partnership relationships with numerous organizations and groups in all of Harborside's locations, as well as developing a medical cannabis discount program for children and families in need.


Kyle Kushman

Cannabis Cultivation Expert

Chatsworth - 2018 

Kyle Kushman is an internationally renowned marijuana cultivator whose collaborations have earned 13 Medical Cannabis Cups awards, including three US Cannabis Cups for Best Flowers. All awards were earned by utilizing Kushman’s Vegamatrix, winner of the coveted STASH Award from High Times Magazine in 2014 as Best New Nutrient.

Vegamatrix is seen in the Netflix series Disjointed and was used in the Vice Series Bong Appetite along with Kushman’s Flowers. Recently, Kushman was awarded the 2018 Cultivator of the Year Award by Green State and San Francisco Chronicle. He has cultivated in both small and commercial scale facilities throughout his career. He’s best known for cultivating premium cannabis that is clean and healthy. He is recognized for several cannabis strains including the world famous Strawberry Cough, Cherry Lopez, Starberry and Blue Dawg and specialized breeding continues.

Kyle Kushman is a 30-year veteran of Organic Cannabis Cultivation. After working the Q&A section of the High Times website for several years, Kyle was hired as a staff journalist and cultivation expert for High Times magazine. In 2004 Kyle left New York and his job at High Times to go back to cultivating and experimenting with organic growing. California provided a legal atmosphere to grow where Kyle started Karma Consulting in
2006; a consulting service for Proposition 215 medicinal cannabis gardens.

Kushman’s articles have been featured in High Times Magazine for over 25 years. In 2009 he began teaching advanced horticulture classes at Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. Later that year, Kyle began cultivating with his own methodology of Veganics. He taught Earth- Friendly Cannaculture classes using organics and Veganics at the OU Oakland Campus, the North Bay learning center at Peace In Medicine in
Sebastopol, and in Ann Arbor Michigan to a class of over 300 students. Kushman Veganics is featured in the Jan. 2011 issue of High Times with a full 12 pages; coincidentally it was High Times’ 420th issue! Since then, there have been numerous articles published nationally about Kyle and his innovative techniques including the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone, Forbes, San Francisco Chronicle, Playboy, MG Magazine and the New York Times to name a few.

Kyle has studied and used almost every nutrient, gadget and piece of equipment on the market today. This experience, his reputation as an internationally renowned cultivator and Cannabis Cup winner provides continuous opportunities to contribute as a freelancer to national and international publications. Kyle has been working on a book and DVD on the subject of earth-friendly Veganics. Additional projects in the works include Kushman Veganics, Kushman Genetics and Kushman Brands, where award winning flowers, genetics and various premier cannabis related items will be available on a national scale. Kyle has dedicated his life to understanding cannabis cultivation and to help normalize its use. This year, Kyle has partnered with both Oaksterdam University and Green Flower Media for the most exciting project yet: to bring Kyle’s Veganic Horticulture to the world
through online education.

The innovator of compassion and compromise, Kyle’s free information and resources have helped countless numbers of marijuana growers, and the benefits have extended to millions of patients around the globe. Society has leaped into a generation of sharing information at the speed of light. With a few clicks on an electronic device, we can transcend our thoughts and ideals to thousands upon thousands of people. You may find Kyle teaching all phases of organic cultivation across the world! 

Kyle hosts “The Grow Show” on CannabisRadio.Com which features growing tips of the week, interviews with industry experts and discusses the changing climate of cannabis culture. Kyle can be found on,,, Green Flower Media, Facebook and Instagram.

As the creator of Vegamatrix™, the only line of vegan and organic nutrients designed for
cannabis, Kyle continues to make advances for people who want to cultivate “simply the
purest, cleanest medicine possible.”



Roger Obando

CTO @ Baker Technologies

Chatsworth - 2018 

Roger Obando is CTO and Co-Founder at Baker Technologies, a software platform focussed exclusively on helping companies in the cannabis industry build and retain relationships with their customers. Prior to founding Baker Roger spent the last 20 years developing software for companies large and small including but not limited to Sony, BMW, JP Morgan and Disney. Roger has degrees in Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University.  




Joshua Kappel

Partner @ Vicente Sederberg

Chatsworth - 2018 

Mr. Joshua Kappel, Esq. is a Partner at Vicente Sederberg who specializes in risk-assessment for multi-national corporations and financial transactions in this highly regulated industry. Mr. Kappel was one of the drafters of Amendment 64 in Colorado which legalized cannabis for all adults. Joshua is also a founding board member of the National Cannabis Bar Association, Simplifya, and VS Tech Ventures. 

Vicente Sederberg represents a broad array of clients from start-ups to public companies to local governments, helping them navigate and build the complex cannabis and CBD industry in the United States. Their team has also drafted and implemented numerous state adult-use cannabis laws and assisted on almost all of them.



Dana Leigh Cisneros

Cannabis Corporate Law Firm

Chatsworth - 2018 

Dana Leigh Cisneros, Esq. is an experienced and aggressive attorney, focusing her efforts on Real Estate, Contract, Commercial, Business and Corporate Law for the past ten years. Marrying her legal expertise with her passion and understanding for the marijuana industry, she has expandedher practice into the cannabis industry, providing much needed legal advice regarding formation, licensing, permitting and compliance with the rapidly changing legal landscape in California. Mrs. Cisneros prides herself on a strong commitment to maintaining the highest level of professional responsibility and moral standards. Legitimizing the marijuana industry has been a long time coming and the need for high quality legal representation from the outset is of paramount importance.


Kate Scott


Chatsworth - 2018 

Kate Scott is the Chief Operating Officer at VETCBD. She earned a Bachelors of Science in Veterinary Medical Technology from Wilson University and is a Registered Veterinary Technician. Having worked in emergency and critical care medicine for over ten years, both in nursing and in management, Kate has an extensive background in
veterinary medicine.

She is dedicated to the well-being of animals and helping them and their owners access the most effective and responsible therapies available. Her passion is educating both the general public, and the veterinary community on how responsible cannabis therapy can safely and effectively benefit animals.



Nick Jikomes, PhD

Principal Research Scientist  @ Leafly

Seattle - 2018 

With nearly a decade of scientific research experience, Nick works to ensure that Leafly takes a data-driven approach to product development, content and strategy. As principal research scientist, Nick leads efforts in research and business development, including partnering with cannabis testing facilities and producer/processors to incorporate laboratory data on cannabis products into Leafly’s massive consumer-facing platform. By combining the latest scientific research insights and data mining techniques, Nick is working enhance the Leafly platform by creating exciting new product exploration and recommendation tools for consumers.

Before joining Leafly, Nick completed ten years of formal training in biological research and science education. He completed a B.S. in genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2011 and a Ph.D. in neuroscience at Harvard University in 2016. Throughout his academic training, Nick was committed to outreach and education, having served a variety of roles in science education and public outreach.


Danielle Roselliso

President @ The Cannabis Alliance

Seattle - 2018 

Danielle Rosellison is an owner and operating manager of Trail Blazin' Productions. Licensed in 2014, Trial Blazin' was started by local Whatcom County professionals looking to meet the demand for legal cannabis while maintaining a safe environment and following the letter of the law. Trail Blazin' cultivates pesticide free, sustainably grown with LED's and water reclamation systems, hand trimmed legal cannabis. They have been featured in High Times, Dope Magazine, Marijuana Venture and NW Leaf as well as winning Best Sativa at the Budtenders Cup, placing with all strains entered in the Terpestival and being named Best Pot Grower in their local newspaper.

Danielle is also the president of The Cannabis Alliance, a non-profit dedicated to the advancement of a sustainable, ethical and vital cannabis industry. When she's not working at Trail Blazin', she's in Olympia trying to help shape intelligent cannabis policy and working tirelessly to promote the cannabis community she has been intimately involved with her whole life. She was named Activist of the Year by Dope Magazine in 2016, nominated again in 2017 and name Ambassador of the Year in 2017 at the Bellingham Chamber of Commerce.

In her spare time (ha!), she loves to travel, read, ski (or snowboard) and see live music with her kids and her best friend and husband, Juddy.



Daniel Luebke

Marketing & Brand @ Heylo Cannabis

Seattle - 2018 

Daniel Luebke is a founding member and marketing lead at Heylo Cannabis, a cannabis extraction company based in Seattle, Washington. Heylo creates full bud, terpene-rich, rare-cannabinoid cannabis extracts. The company is anchored by core values of education and transparency. Heylo was founded in 2017 by Lo Friesen, an environmental chemist with background in gastroenterology research. Heylo has been recognized for excellence in cannabis extraction by Northwest Leaf, Terpenes and Testingmagazine and four first-place awards at the 2017 Terpestival. The Heylo Cannabis Lab plays host to a music, art and cannabis education series known as Heylo Sessions. The charitable event builds community, showcases local artists and supports non-profits while offering a high-vibes venue for learning about extraction, terpenes, and conscious consumption.

Daniel led a career as a Silicon Valley digital marketer prior to entering the cannabis industry. He continues to run a boutique digital marketing consulting agency, Down Low Marketing, serving startups and fast-growing companies in the cannabis and tech industries. In his free time Daniel enjoys doing handstands, cooking without recipes and brewing kombucha.

@heylocannabis @danieljluebke @handsdanaday


Ashley Santo Domingo

Owner & Chef @ Laced Seattle

Seattle - 2018 

Chef Ashley loves to infuse cannabis into food, based out of seattle, wa. she bakes treats, & custom cakes, high-end dinners and custom menus for all kinds. Ashley has over a decade of experience running the back of the house. From humble beginnings working the line to leading the line to Saucier to Chef de Partie to Executive Chef at some of Seattle's & LA's finest restaurants (see Joule, Cafe Juanita, El Gaucho, the Salish Lodge, Monsoon, 24 carrots catering) Chef Ashley is now excited to have gone independent as the chef-founder of Laced Seattle a high-end Marijan infused edible company. She's had the opportunity to work alongside James Beard award winning chefs, Michelin award winning chefs, Iron Chefs, & was nominated for James Beards' Rising Star chef in 2008. As a competitive chef she made an appearance on Top Chef Season 9 in Austin, TX! 



Courtney Maltais

Co-Founder @ The Clear

Hollywood - 2018 

Courtney Maltais is co-founder of The Clear™ California and head of botanical research at The Clear™. Earning dual degrees in Molecular Biology and English Literature at The University of New Hampshire, Maltais has a passion for agricultural research and science journalism.

Maltais joined The Clear™ in 2013 when they released the first distillate cannabis oil to market in California. Since then, The Clear™ has established numerous licensees across the United States. 

She has conducted numerous research grows in California, working with industry leaders on cannabis cultivation and tissue culture projects. She is an advocate for sustainability in both growing and concentrate manufacturing.

Her combined love of science and cannabis has been the foundation of her work with The Clear™​.


Pranav Sold

CEO @ The Clear

Hollywood - 2018 

Serial entrepreneur Pranav Sood is paving the way for regulatory change and acceptance within the emerging cannabis industry. His company, Trellis, helps regulated cannabis growers, manufacturers and distributors across the globe manage compliance, increase yields and optimize business.

Prior to founding Trellis, Pranav worked in management consulting, IT for a leading global retailer, and launched various startup ventures where he developed a passion for growing B2B companies. He holds a HBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Pranav now splits his time between Toronto and San Francisco, California.



Kristen Yoder

CEO @ Soil to the Oil

Hollywood - 2018 

Over the past 12 years, Kristen Yoder has managed and/or set up successful cannabis businesses in EVERY SECTOR of the cannabis industry(from the Soil to the Oil) including managing the first dispensary in the City of Los Angeles, product development and operations management for one of the largest edible companies in CA, setting up operations for an I502 edible company in WA, project management for a cannabis testing lab and processor with locations in CA, WA and OR, and 2 years apprenticing under a master grower.She founded the Meetup group Soil to the Oil: Cannabis Science Classes, in Los Angeles, where she does monthly terpene trainings, trichome viewing sessions, and other fun cannabis science-related gatherings. You can catch her on Notes From The Underground, on 89.1 FM KNSJ San Diego, every Monday and Friday night at 7p (PST).


Brett C. Hartmann

Consultant @ My Cannabis Trainer

Hollywood - 2018 

Brett Hartmann moved to Los Angeles after studying Psychology & English Rhetoric & Writing at The University of Texas - El Paso, where he worked as a Veteran’s Mental Health Facilitator & Veterinary Consultant. Prior to moving to El Paso, Brett worked in emergency veterinary medicine, and holds certifications in Veterinary Anesthesia, ICU, & Trauma. After developing a severe form Epilepsy as a result of donating his kidney to young child, Brett was unable to continue working directly with patients and moved into veterinary consulting. After battling his epilepsy for several years and surviving a medically induced coma, Brett chose to go against his Texas doctor’s recommendations, moved to Los Angeles, and started to utilize cannabis as medicine to heal his mind and body. Brett is now living seizure free, and helps countless patients utilize cannabis to live a healthier life. Brett has managed LA’s premier dispensaries for four years with the goal to elevate the patient and customer experience, set staffing & business infrastructure standards, and source high quality products for his stores. He currently consults through My Cannabis Trainer, and works directly with patients, cultivators, dispensaries, veterinarians, physicians, and other medical professionals to educate them on cannabinoids, terpenes & the endocannabinoid system.



Sahar Ayinehsazian

Chief Advisor on Banking Policy to the California Growers Association

Hollywood - 2018 

Sahar Ayinehsazian is an attorney at Vicente Sederberg’s California office, where she leads specializes in cannabis banking, regulation and intellectual property. In this capacity, Sahar advises clients on business affairs, licensing and regulatory compliance. She also serves as the Chief Advisor on Banking Policy to the California Growers Association, where she works with the Association on strategy and legislation to enable state-licensed businesses to obtain accounts at depository institutions for the cannabis businesses. Prior to joining Vicente Sederberg, Sahar served as the Director of Regulatory and Governmental Affairs at a multi-state money transmitter that specializes in servicing the cannabis industry. There, she developed a strong understanding of credit card flow, banking regulations and compliance with both banking and cannabis regulations in multiple states throughout the country. Sahar has had several columns on cannabis regulations and cannabis banking published and frequently appears in the media discussing cannabis banking issues in California and throughout the country. She earned her Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School in 2015 and is a member of the State Bar of California.


Calvin Frye

Dispensary Owner & Consultant

Hollywood - 2018 

Calvin Frye for the past 10 years has been both a dispensary owner and an MMJ industry consultant. Mr.
Frye has held several key positions in the Biotech industry for major companies like Xoma, Amgen and
Baxter Biosciences, such as working his way up from Research Associate to Associate Scientist. Mr. Frye
also has over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, having worked with some of the founders
of the MMJ industry (Dennis Peron and Richard Eastman) as well as many of the industry pioneering
groups in Los Angeles (Americans For Safe Access and Norml). Mr. Frye has traveled the country to many
(current) MMJ states on speaking engagements in order to help get MMJ legislation passed in those
states. Mr. Frye has working knowledge of the regulatory issues within this industry from his experience
with working with local LA government bodies and Agencies. Mr. Frye has also branded his line of
cannabis genetics and trademarked the name “Cloneville” which he has attached to his genetics. In
2009, Mr. Frye consulted in hydroponics industry where he gained extensive knowledge in the actual
growing, set up and production of cannabis. Mr. Frye also owns Frye Consulting and Management
Group, which handles consulting services from startup to full scale production, including regulatory
expertise. Mr. Frye earned his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa (Big Ten
Conference) in Science Education. He also attended graduate college with an emphasis in General Science.



James Victor

Co-Founder @ James Henry SF

Hollywood - 2018 

James has an extensive background in urban community development and economic empowerment with top companies in New York City, Florida, Oklahoma, and Haiti. James worked on major commercial, community development projects, such as Bear Stearns (one of the largest financial institution in the world), Candler Tower (Owned by the Coca-Cola family), the redevelopment of New York City's famous Harlem community, and A-Class waterfront communities in Florida. In his spare time, you can find James writing self-help books (author of the book Elysium) or painting large canvases to add to his known art collection. Most notably, James has

invested in the research to understand the medical benefits and scientific advancement of this plant. James dedicated his life to understanding the endocannabinoid system and how it can help our overall well-being.

James goal is simple, he wanted to equip people with tools and knowledge to take their health into their own hands, in a healthy, safe way. James life changed when he met a group of amazing doctors who educated him on the medicinal and scientific benefits of cannabis. After a couple years of research, James Henry SF was born shortly thereafter. James finds comfort in knowing the James Henry SF brand is a means of sharing the medicinal and scientific benefits of cannabis with the world.

JHSF Responsibilities: Fundraising Management, Business Development, Operations, Product Development, Content Creation/Visuals Lead, JHSF Brand Experience & Management, Compliance Support, Sales & Ambassadorship (SoCal), “Certified Hugger”


Amy Berliner

CEO @ Aegis Biotech

Hollywood - 2018 

Amy Berliner an advocate and Healthcare integrating Medical & Clinical Cannabis Research while fusing with Blockchain Technologies. Berliner is an iconic figure among Entrepreneurs and Executives with an interest in this subject, Berliner is the ultimate “diplomat” concerning the industries integration Science of Technology, Education and Research: Intelligent and wise, while both eloquent and persuasive, she conveys the importance of this matter with a balance of passion and professionalism.

As Founder/CEO of Aegis Biotech, Berliner applies more than two decades of Senior Executive experience to the benefit of her company and to her research, and development team. Her expertise, which includes senior-level positions as CEO/COO/CMO in Manufacturing, R&D, digital healthcare technologies on Blockchain Technology. Her skill and expertise has given her the insight necessary to succeed. Berliner has managed from startups to $22M dollar companies in turnarounds and in M&A. 

Berliner is educated and fluent in educating others to the science, research and technology involving alternative and traditional medical research as well as work flows. 

Berliner is a dynamic networker and business strategist. She is a profound thought leader and speaker – with the ability to know, and the strength to do, what is necessary for Aegis Biotech to continue to be at the forefront of education, innovation, technology, and research. 

Berliner has partnered with her publisher and serves as Editor in Chief of CannaHealthcare Magazine delivered by Aegis Media, the first digital/print publication offering a multidisciplinary approach to Medical/Clinical Cannabis, from Science to Tech innovations. Berliner with intentional poise designed her publication for the Clinical audience bridging education and awareness to the science not the stigma. In only four publications released Berliner has been able to traction over 70K subscribers globally. 

Berliner is a member of the Society of Cannabis Research, Society of Cannabis Clinicians, International Cannabinoid Research Society, International Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, Americans For Safe Access, Women Grow LA Market Leader/Chairwoman, in addition to her recognition for Outstanding Achievement by the National Association of Professional Women. Berliner is also on the Steering Committee with Dr. Uma Dhanabalan MD, MPH, FAAFP leading the Opiate study “La Clinica” in Colorado. Additionally Berliner is President of (Government Blockchain Association) California and Los Angeles, and will lead the first working group as it relates to Cannabis Healthcare on Blockchain Technologies publishing the first “White Paper”. The White paper centers on Berliner’s strategic approach with STREEM to deliver the first mHealth application for Medical and Clinical research utilizing Blockchain technologies. Aegis Biotechnologies is poised to hold the largest amount of global data by 2021 as it relates to this research integrated on her mobile application STREEM platformed on the Blockchain.

Berliner currently advises and consults clients with Strategies and implementations into Healthcare, Blockchain technology, Clinical research, and global S&P business strategies with Media/Marketing/Clinical/Analytical Chemistry/formulations/R&D from molecule to market.



Matthew Morgan

Co-Founder @ Green Axis Capital Corp

Hollywood - 2018 

Matthew Morgan is the co-founder of Green Axis Capital Corp. and its brand Ignite. He is also the former owner of Reef Dispensaries, Tryke Companies and Bloom Dispensaries.

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Morgan excelled in real estate at a young age until the recession led him to rethink his career, leading him into cannabis. In just 10 months, his new cannabis business grew to a 15,000 square foot operation and was one of the largest in Montana.

After state legislature caused Morgan to shut down his business, he opened a chain of hydroponics stores in Arizona. After establishing local connections, he was able to acquire one of only 131 marijuana business licenses in the state.

He and a partner started Bloom Dispensaries, and in under a year, Bloom had over 100 employees and garnered over $1 million in sales per month. After trying to sell Bloom to a private investor, Morgan left the company to partner with the investor and started Reef Dispensaries and Tryke Industries. Reef currently runs six retail locations, two manufacturing plants, and two laboratories in Nevada and Arizona, with over 400 employees.

Morgan now works for Green Axis and has solidified himself as a leader in the cannabis industry in less than ten years. He is partnering with Dan Bilzerian, who is helping Green Axis explore new opportunities in the cannabis industry.


Eben Britton


Los Angeles - 2018 

Raised in Brooklyn, New York and Los Angeles, California, Eben Britton is determined to make an impact. His notable accomplishments include a degree in Creative Writing from The University of Arizona, a decorated football career marked by numerous Team Captain and All-American honors, a six-year run in the NFL, and co-founding Athletes for CARE, a resource for athletes in their transition into life after sports. Eben is co-host of The Caveman Poet Society podcast, alongside fellow NFLer Nate Jackson. Eben has written a number of essays chronicling his experience in the league with injuries, drugs, drug policies and everyday life as a player. His work can be seen in various publications including Playboy magazine, (’s)The Cauldron, and Leafly. As a mindful athlete, utilizing natural healing methods in his everyday routine naturally moved Eben to speak on his experience with cannabis as a therapeutic medicine. Eben lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Brittany, their daughter Sandy and their English bulldog Dutch.



Amber E. Senter

CEO @ Leisure Life

Los Angeles - 2018 

Amber E. Senter has nineteen years of marketing and project management experience. She is founder and CEO of Leisure Life, a lifestyle and infused cannabis products company, and heads product development and marketing for the brand. She is also co-founder of Supernova Women. Formed in 2015, this organization is dedicated to empowering people of color to become self-sufficient cannabis industry shareholders. Senter is a US Coast Guard Veteran and has held many leadership roles in the cannabis industry. As the former Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Magnolia Wellness, her primary responsibility was to create and implement procedures to improve sales and increase profitability. Her voice is trusted in the growing cannabis industry, as is her unsurpassed knowledge of the end medical and recreational user base. Senter is a sought after coach and mentor, and a role model for new marijuana business entrepreneurs.


Elena Skouras

Head of Sales & Brand Strategy @ Biscotti

Los Angeles - 2018 

Elena Skouras is Head of Sales and Brand Strategy at Biscotti, an Italian craft cannabis brand. By applying a modern approach to old-world traditions, Biscotti brings traditional hash-making back to center stage. Elena is a University of Southern California business graduate and cannabis advocate who brings four years of diverse experience in finance and creative branding at Fortune 500 companies. She believes each brand has a unique story, and Elena is dedicated to identifying and telling that story. Her creative storytelling and user-focused mentality creates brands that differentiate themselves in the growing marketplace.



Jessica Versteeg

CEO @ Paragon Coin

Los Angeles - 2018 

Jessica Versteeg held a successful career as a fashion and print model for 10 years. During this time she became Miss Iowa US 2014, placed in the top 10 at the Miss USA pageant, and competed in the Amazing Race season 28.

After losing a loved one to an accidental overdose of pain killers, Jessica dedicated herself to changing the perception of alternative medicine like cannabis. She then founded AuBox, an upscale medical marijuana delivery service that provided subscribers with a curated box of products on a monthly basis. After experiencing the gap from seed to sale first hand, it sparked her interest to develop a solution for an industry-wide problem. 

Since creating Paragon in 2017, Jessica has completed a successful ICO and built out a team of experts to drive the future of the cannabis industry through blockchain solutions.


Mr. Sherbinski

Founder @ Sherbinski's

Los Angeles - 2018 

Mr. (Mario) Sherbinski is a world-renowned cannabis breeder and founder of the premium cannabis and lifestyle brand SHERBINSKIS, headquartered in San Francisco. He is known for his cultivation expertise and for developing one of the most celebrated phenos of modern day marijuana history, the Gelato strain, and its subsequent Gelato lineage: Bacio, Acaiberry, Mochi, and Gello.

Today, the famous grower finds himself at the helm of his eponymous brand SHERBINSKIS, one of the fastest growing, premium cannabis lifestyle brands in North America. Mr. Sherbinski’s meteoric rise began with humble beginnings in the the city of San Francisco, the nation’s original boom town for cannabis.

In 2008, following the release of Sunset Sherbert and Gelato, business for SHERBINSKIS skyrocketed. Copies of his unique strains were commonplace from coast to coast and led to the proliferation of his Gelato, Sunset Sherbert, and Pink Panties formulations around the world. This era was the first time Mr. Sherbinski experienced a global groundswell of support for his brand, but it certainly was not the last. SHERBINSKIS genetics and strains have been lauded by many of today’s greatest musical performers and artists, including singer-songwriter John Mayer, rapper Famous Dex, and hip hip stars Travis Scott, Ty Dolla Sign, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Mr. Sherbinskis is now preparing for his company’s newest cannabis strain drops, 510 oil flavors, and lifestyle product innovations. Sherbinski is also a devoted husband of 18-years, and father to two beautiful young daughters.

For more information, please visit:



Raj Chauhan

CEO @ Grow Studios

Los Angeles - 2018 

Raj is co-founder & CEO of Grow Studios, a full service sales & marketing agency in the cannabis space working with clients such as Cali Kush, Papa & Barkley, FireHaus & Bloom Farms. With over 20 years in advertising & technology experience Raj has worked with major brands like Coach, Nissan, Bank of America and Sony. He has also held senior roles at global ad exchanges such as the Rubicon Project (NYSE:RUBI) and remains an avid advisor & investor in the tech space.


Camie Cutter

Co-Founder @ That Taffy & Reefer Rolls

Los Angeles - 2018 

Camie Cutter is the co-founder of That Taffy & Reefer Rolls (OR) and currently a Cannabis Consultant for Vertical Companies (CA). After watching the legalization movement in Colorado and Washington states, she quit her job as a commercial pilot to follow her passion of cannabis. She built an edible company up from her kitchen table into the top selling edible brand in Oregon. She was also responsible for transitioning the company from medical to recreational operations, and licensed it without taking any outside investment. Vertical Companies scouted her last October at MJ Biz Con and she has been in California ever since.


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